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Wonderboom Nature Reserve - Pembi Pretoria East Conference Venue Nearby Attractions

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Wonderboom Nature Reserve
The Wonderboom Nature Reserve is situated in the northern part of the city and straddles the Magaliesberg Mountains. This 200 ha reserve is famous for its magnificent specimen of Ficus salicifolia, a wild fig called the "Wonderboom". The fig tree is older than 1 000 years, and legend has it that it grew this big because the chief of an indigenous tribe lies buried beneath its roots. It is recorded that the tree was once big enough to shade 1 000 people at a time, or 22 ox wagons with 20 oxen in front of each! Today it is much smaller - probably because of the devastating fire in 1870 started by a hunting party, or because of a parasitic infestation, which put it in quarantine for 20 years. Over the years the branches have grown longer, hanging lower and lower until they touched the ground, rooted and produced a circle of daughter trees. There are now three circles of daughter trees surrounding the original tree. Come and see this amazing tree, and take the interpretation trail from our new boardwalk in and around the tree.


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