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Information on the Faerie Glen Nature Reserve situated nearby the Pembi Pretoria East Conference Centre
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Faerie Glen Nature Reserve - Pembi Pretoria East Conference Venue Nearby Attractions

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Faerie Glen Nature Reserve
The Faerie Glen Nature Reserve is situated in the east of Pretoria, just to the south of Lynnwood Road, about 11 km from Church Square. The best time for birding is in summer, especially in the morning or late afternoon. Up to 75 species can be expected on a summer morning, but any birding stint of 2 hours or more will produce at least 40 species, even on a winter's afternoon. About 150 species has been recorded, including very rare birds such as Corn Crake and River Warbler. The only facility is a network of trails, covering the whole reserve. Dogs are allowed, if on a leash.


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